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Next Day Musical Instruments Microphone Selection Is The Best Anywhere!

  • When it's time for your music to be heard, it's time for a microphone or wireless system.

  • From condenser and dynamic mics, to ribbon, tube, USB, drum and so many others, the selection here covers every major style. And with a section as massive as this one, you're sure to find exactly what you're searching for.

Microphone Tips

  • When it comes to microphones, the biggest emphasis should almost always be placed on how you plan to use it while performing.

  • Will you always be directly behind the mic or will sound be coming from different angles?

  • How rugged do you need it to be? Will you be on a stage or in a studio?

Wireless Microphone Tips

  • How many cords will you be navigating aside from the mic cord? Knowing the answer to basic questions like these will definitely make your decision that much easier. Simply put, it all comes down to your personal need.

  • Are you more interested in something that keeps your stage free of clutter, allowing you to move around uninhibited?

  • Then wireless systems are probably more your speed. With Lavalier systems, handheld mics, instrument systems, headsets, in-ear options and more all found here, no matter how you plan to cut the cord you'll be able to.

Wireless Microphones For Any Budget

  • Take the Vocopro UHF-8800 8-Channel Wireless Microphone System for example. With eight wireless handheld mics, each featuring independent field-replaceable modules and working seamlessly on eight different channels, it has superior vocal reproduction, perfect for just about any situation. If you're looking to enhance you overall quality of your show, this is the mic setup you want.

Microphone Parts

  • As well, you'll also find individual microphone and wireless system components, allowing you to keep everything you use in top performing shape... or customize them to suit your specific needs. Because when it comes to making sure everyone can hear you, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best.